About Us

A picture of Anne Johnston Health Station staff.

The Anne Johnston Health Station (AJHS) is a not-for-profit community health centre providing a wide range of programs and services that promote the health and well-being of youth, seniors and people with physical disabilities. We are a fully accessible barrier free environment. All of our programs and services are confidential and free of charge and include primary health care, disease prevention, health promotion and community development. We believe that health is a resource for life and that many things – education, housing, gender, access to health services, our sense of being included or excluded from society, employment, etc. – impact on our health. Health isn’t just about not being sick, it is about being able to make choices and live into them. It’s about having a voice in our community. We are guided by our mission, vision and values. The Anne Johnston Health Station is governed by a Board of Directors elected from our membership.

Our Mission

The Anne Johnston Health Station is a community health centre committed to meeting the health needs of people with physical disabilities, seniors and youth by providing access to interdisciplinary health care including health education, health promotion, advocacy and community development.

Our Vision

Improving Lives.  Building Healthy Communities.


Respect: We strive for honest and responsive interactions that support the uniqueness, diversity, and needs of each person and the community.
Excellence: We are committed to innovation and the highest standards of practice in all of our programs and services.
Stewardship: We are accountable for the effective utilization of resources.
Partnerships: We are committed to open communication, cooperation, and collaboration, ensuring inclusion and participation.
Empowerment: We advocate with individuals and the broader community to ensure their strong voice is heard to affect societal changes.
Compassion: We are sensitive and caring in our interactions with individuals, colleagues and our community.
Teamwork: We support an environment that builds relationships based on trust, honesty, and integrity.

Client Rights

Please click here to see our policy on Client Rights.